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Rules & Regulations

School Rules

  •  Students are expected to be regular in attendance.
  •  They should reach school 5 minutes before the assembly bell. Action may be taken against those who enter late.
  •  Students will not be allowed to meet any visitors during class time nor they will allowed to go home mid day .
  •  Students should come in neat and tidy school uniform.
  •  They are expected to obey the captains on duty or members of the student’s council.
  •  In case of absence, a reason should be mentioned in “Absence Record” page by the parents or for leave, a prior grant should be taken from the Principal.
  •  Any damage to the school property/furniture by the students, will have to be borne by the respective parents/guardian.
  •  Students are not allowed to bring cell phones or any sharp instruments to the school.
  •  Students are expected to speak only in English in the school premises and in the bus.
  •  Students from class-VII onwards are allowed to wear watch but during examination only.
  •  Birthday Dress: students up to class-III are only permitted to wear colour dress on birthday. Std. IV onwards students are expected to wear uniform at all occasions.
  •  A student may be debarred or terminated from the school:
    • If co-operation from the parent is lacking in matters of discipline and/or irregular payments of fees.
    • For uncivilized behavior
    • For persistent irregularity in attendance
  •  Students' learning evaluation is done by means of 4 periodic tests and 2 Examinations, which are conducted throughout the year.

A Word to the Parents

  •  Use the School Diary for communication and also check it regularly.
  •  Respond to the notices/remark instantaneously.
  •  Make sure that your ward carries school diary everyday and books, note books according to the class routine.
  •  Send your ward smartly in tidy and ironed uniform.
  •  Dedicate two hours daily to check and guide your ward in studies.
  •  Encourage your ward for consistent pattern of studies.
  •  Encourage your ward for the right etiquettes & behavior with fellow classmates and others.
  •  Regard importance of time schedules and pay school fees ON TIME.
  •  Make sure that your ward reaches school on time and attends the school regularly.
  •  Guide your ward to watch only informative programmes/channels on TV, e.g. Discovery, News etc.
  •  Attend the Parents-Teachers meeting on the prescribed dates and also be in touch with the Principal/Class Teacher to know your ward’s progress.
  •  Encourage your ward to participate in the various co-curricular activities of the school.
  •  Pay school fees by 15th of each month.
  •  Any communication (requests or complaints) made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal and should contain name, class and roll no. of the students.
  •  Intimate change of address, phone no. etc. immediately in the office.
  •  First day attendance on re-opening of the school after vacations is compulsory.
  •  Mobile App / SMS Facility to keep parents informed about important information, notices, child's daily activity and achievements.

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