Beyond Academics
Self – Defense / Karate

Karate teaches a child the art of self-defense, which is a skill one must possess. Karate training offers many benefits to young children. Improved physical fitness, superior mind-body coordination and self – discipline are just some of the characteristics of a martial art practitioner.

In our school Karate training is provided to all the students from class I to Class X.

The Sekai Seito Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai, Jharkhand has been providing Martial Arts training to our students that included Karate in general & Women’s Self-Defense in particular.

The students practice Karate under Sensei Sayeedur Rahman, Black Belt 5th Dan, General Secretary of SSGKK, Jharkhand chapter.


Yoga is an effective exercise for school going children as its benefits are multiple compared to the other forms of exercises. Yoga helps in inculcating discipline, values and good health.

Yoga practice is an essential part of our class daily routine. Children practice yoga daily in the school under qualified Fitness Trainer & Yoga Instructor Ms. Ambika Kumbhokar.