The Founder

Shri Rameshwar Sahu, the progenitor of Holy Child Public School and settlor of R. P. Educational Trust, was a diligent and magnanimous individual. Despite being born and raised in impoverished circumstances, he held a profound concern for the widespread illiteracy in society and actively sought means to alleviate it.

He devoted himself to realizing his aspirations of delivering superior education and instilling values in the emerging generation. In 1984, he formulated plans to establish an educational institution. A primary school was instituted in 1985, which gradually evolved into a secondary school affiliated with the CBSE.

From the institution’s inception, Shri Rameshwar Sahu worked with a fervent missionary spirit to foster its growth. His philanthropic endeavors for society rendered him an exemplary figure.

Shri Rameshwar Sahu
Founder of Holy Child Public School