• Cleanliness Campaign (23rd October to 30th October 2023)
    Venue: Holy Child Public School, Hehal, Ranchi
    Event Date: 30-Oct-2023

                Cleanliness Drive was organized in our school to create awareness and promote cleanliness among students. The activities included various engaging and informative sessions to educate students on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

    Activities conducted:

    Ø  Nukkad Natak:

                The play depicted consequences on living in a dirty and polluted environment, emphazising the need for cleanliness. The students powerful performances caught the attention of everyone present and effectively conveyed the message.

    Ø  Essay Competition:

                 It was held, allowing the students to reflect on the significance on the cleanliness in thier lives. The winners were awarded certificates to recognize their efforts.


    Ø  Handwash Dance:

                A vibrant and energetic dance performance was held to aware students to maintain hygiene how to wash hands to keep themselves away from germs.

    Ø  Skit on Cleanliness:

                The skit revolved around the story of careless students who learned the value of cleanliness through a series of incidence. The skit highlighted the consequences untidiness and the positive impact that cleanliness has on our physical and mental well being.

    Ø  Swachhta Pledge:

                After the skit, all students, teachers, and staff members gathered in the assembly area to take the Swachhta Pledge. The pledge included promises to keep the classrooms and surroundings clean at all times.

    Ø  Procession:

                A procession led by students on the final day of the campaign. During the procession students interacted with residents in the area, promoting awareness about maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings.


                The students also undertook the task of cleaning the neighborhood surrounding the school. The campaign culminated successfully on 30th October 2023, (Monday) with the commitment to uphold the cleanliness of our surroundings.