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SLOW FOOD: A Program for Health and Nutrition
  • Event Date: 10-May-2024
  • Updated On: 27-May-2024
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Description: On May 10, 2024, a distinctive program emphasizing Jharkhand’s local cuisine was held on the school premises. The event was honored by the presence of Mrs. Aruna Tirkey, founder of AJAM EMBA Slow Food Community; Dr. Siddharth Biswas, MBBS, MD (AIIMS) and member of ICMR; and Mr. Siddharth Jaiswal, CEO of the Business Promotion Development Society at Birsa Agricultural University. The slow food initiative aimed to rejuvenate and promote indigenous food systems, ensuring that the current generation has access to good, clean, and fair food. This initiative also indirectly tackled the climate crisis by promoting sustainable food choices. Students had the opportunity to observe, touch, and taste local organic foods. They gained insights into local food items such as ragi, kudrum, and various types of millets, including their processing and integration into everyday meals. The program featured a “Food Walk,” allowing participants to see, touch, and feel local food products, and included tastings of various dishes such as dhuska, kudrum chutney, ragi muffins, millet ladoos, and more. Dr. Siddharth Biswas educated the students on the detrimental effects of fast food, while Mr. Siddharth Jaiswal provided insights into agricultural processes and encouraged the establishment of kitchen gardens for organic food. Mrs. Aruna Tirkey, an Indigenous Food Specialist with the Centre for World Solidarity (CWS), a non-profit organization, has raised awareness among approximately 1,000 school children and 200 parents over the past year as part of the program. Our students, too, recognized the importance of incorporating local and traditional foods, thanks to Mrs. Tirkey’s guidance. Overall, the session was highly enlightening for both students and teachers.